There it was, already our final day of our trip to Denmark. Everyone got up nice and early, as we had to pack our bags and put them in the bus before our early visit to GN Hearing in the morning. As our very own Theo had to get enough rest for the long journey back, a very nice Danish bus driver drove us to and from GN Hearing in Ballerup.

At GN Hearing we were greeted by two HR advisors who explained a bit about the company and what they do. They also gave a very informative presentation about working at GN Hearing and in Denmark in general from an international perspective.
After these presentations, we went upstairs to hear about one of the newly acquired branches of GN: Steelseries gaming. Our host, who introduced himself as always being called ‘That guy’, told us about the history of Steelseries and how the knowledge and technologies of GN Hearing applies to the products of their gaming line-up. Our participants had a lot of questions, some technical questions, some not-so technical questions, but we all thoroughly enjoyed the energy of the presentation.

When we got back to the presentation room downstairs, around 7 or 8 engineers were eagerly waiting for us to tell us about their specific specialization and tasks within the process of making a high-end hearing aid. The engineers delved into the technical details of the communications, signal processing, chip design and much, much more. This really gave everyone a very clear idea of what it is like to work at a company like GN Hearing and how the courses we study on a daily basis can be applied in the real world.
After a nice lunch where we could talk to the employees in a more informal and personal way, we headed back to Copenhagen where everyone could enjoy their last afternoon of free time in the city. Some participants decided to visit another museum or walk through the very cozy H.C. Andersen Christmas market, while others quickly went shopping for their present for the organisation. Meanwhile, Ruben en Mart were busy with desecrating a Danish flag in the middle of a student café, as preparation for the gift for our favourite bus driver, Theo.

As a closing activity, we gathered at Broens Skøjtebane to have dinner at one of the foodtrucks close to one of the very necessary heat lamps. When everyone finished their dinner, we stepped into our ice skates and showed all Danes present how to skate the Dutch way. Some of the participants had never set foot on ice wearing skates, but everyone did surprisingly well and luckily nobody broke a leg or arm before we set off to the bus one last time to travel back to Eindhoven.