Founded in 1957, Thor is the study association for Automotive Technologies and Electrical Engineering students at Eindhoven University of Technology. In that position, Thor represents the students and organizes many activities to enrich the department’s study program.
By organizing and taking part in these activities, students are able to get a broader view of the fields of automotive and electrical engineering. Examples of these activities include symposia, corporate excursions, guest lectures, and most notably, study trips. On this website, we will present the plans for our next study trip, entitled DIODE, which will take 30 students to Denmark.


The name DIODE is an acronym for ‘Discovering Incredibly Outstanding Danish Electronics’. This name shows the interest in exploring a foreign country and the curiosity about what it has to offer. One part of this curiosity could be the technological and business aspects but of course, it also shows an interest in the cultural aspects of the country. For Denmark, both aspects are equally met, as it has a well-maintained scientific and technological industry and an interesting socially progressive culture.

Just like the Diode, Denmark has a long history of science and technological innovation. Denmark is therefore contributing to a wide range of international science projects and was ranked 10th in the Global Innovation Index in 2022. The country is a long-time leader in wind energy and cares a lot about life science. The pioneers in this field are clustered together around Copenhagen in the so-called Medicon Valley.

The participating students will learn about the opportunities that electrical engineering has to offer, while also discovering a different culture and city during the fun, but also educational DIODE Study Trip.